Carpe Indexum, based in beautiful Central New York, provides a range of top-quality information-related services, including book and journal indexing, editing, fact-checking, and writing to spec.

Back-of-the-book indexes enable readers to find specific information quickly and easily. We provide thorough, well-crafted indexes that will enhance the reader’s experience with your text, and entice them to return to your book again and again.

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With more than twenty years’ experience working with authors of scholarly papers, non-fiction books, short stories, essays, articles, and scholarly papers, we can help you say whatever you want to say, in the clearest and most easily-understood manner.

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Need someone to dig through back issues of the New York Times, search databases, or verify names and dates? Looking for someone to craft a blurb, abstract, article, or longer piece of writing? We can do that!

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