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Nonprofit organizations receive a 5% discount on all services.


Each indexing job is different depending on many factors (length and complexity of text, depth of index desired, etc), but most range from $2 to $6 per page. We will work with you to clearly define the requirements and determine appropriate rates for your job. To request a quote for a particular job, please email a query.


Rates for Proofreading and editing services begin at $20/hr but may vary depending on the level of analysis and editing desired, which can range from a simple review for technical errors such as grammar and spelling to in-depth editing for content, logic, and structural issues. To request a quote for a particular job, please email a query

Research services

Looking for someone to dig through back issues of the New York Times, check databases such as Lexis/Nexis for journal articles, double-check names and dates, or do other kinds of supporting research? Carpe Indexum can do that for you as well. Research fees start at $20/hr plus expenses. Please email a query for more information.